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We are pleased to announce the release of Volume VII, Issue 1 of the Journal of Intellectual Property Studies.     



Damages in Intellectual Property Disputes [Pages 1-13]

Prachi Agarwal

Can the ‘Invented’ Become the ‘Inventor’? Revisiting Inventorship under the Patent System in the Era of Artificial Intelligence [Pages 14-36]

Garima Mittal  

Are You Smarter Than An ‘Average Consumer’? The Test For Ascertaining Trade Mark Infringement In Modern Times [Pages 37-53]

Radhika Sikri and Anahida Bhardwaj 

A Decade of Madrid Protocol: Learnings from the Indian Experience [Pages 54-91]

Mohit Yadav 

Going LIVE! Think Twice! [Pages 92-101]

Dr. Sonal Shankar and Bhavna Mehrotra

Rewriting Specifications: The Potential For Partial Revocation Claims In India Based On Non-Use [Pages 102-120]

Rishabh Mohnot

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